The Benefits of Genetic Counseling

Caring for cancer patients is a multifaceted treatment program. In addition to treating the cancer itself, there are other important "noncancer" issues to consider, including any coexistent diseases, their health behaviors, and preventive care. At the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute, we optimize all relevant cancer options with team-based care.

How we do it

Our multidisciplinary cancer care team brings together a group of health care professionals in different disciplines with appropriate skills to consider your treatment and care options. These team members meet regularly to discuss diagnostic and treatment information. They develop the best care plan for you together, rather than each specialist seeing you individually to give their opinion. The team considers all of your medical, physical and supportive care needs, along with other factors that may affect you.

Among the things they look at are the type and size of the cancer, whether it has spread, your general health and treatment guidelines for your particular cancer. This team effort is designed to create the most efficient care and reduces delays in treatment and referral to vital services. The results are more fast track care, expedited consultations and a dedicated nurse navigator to keep the process moving.

Team members

For most cancers, treatment is headed up by one or more primary physicians, often including a medical oncologist, a surgical oncologist, and a radiation oncologist, and for some cancers, a patient may also be seen by an interventional radiologist. This collaborative approach, characterized by ongoing communication and active information-sharing, helps us reach the goal of curing, while also reducing symptoms, investigating less toxic regimes and ultimately maintain the quality of life for the patient.