The Benefits of Genetic Counseling


At the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute, you can count on the expertise of an entire team of caring, compassionate health care professionals to help you or your loved one battle cancer. One of these specialists is your medical oncologist.

The Role of the Medical Oncologist

A medical oncologist is a doctor who specializes in detecting cancer, and then treating it using medication such as chemotherapy, hormones and pain medicine. He or she is often the person who definitively discovers cancer when you or your regular physician suspect you may have it.

Our medical oncologists are board-certified and expertly trained to understand the patho- physiology of cancers at different places in the body. Medical oncology specialists at the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute specialize in treating all types of cancer and have a detailed knowledge of the use of medications for the management of invasive cancer. Some Florida Hospital Cancer Institute medical oncologists participate in clinical trials, working to improve outcomes and quality of life for their patients.

What You Can Expect From the Medical Oncologist

At the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute, you can rest assured our medical oncologists will take advantage of the most up-to-date knowledge, technologies and therapies to accurately assess your medical condition, address your symptoms and thoroughly educate you on your treatment options. They work in conjunction with radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, and other physicians specializing in particular types of cancer when necessary to provide the most comprehensive care available in executing your treatment regimen.