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Colorectal Cancer Services

At the core of the Colorectal Cancer Program at the FHCI is a team of colorectal cancer experts who work together to deliver comprehensive treatment for each patient. Our nurses, physicians and other cancer specialists treat each patient as an individual, with respect and compassion.  All of our physicians have extensive knowledge in colorectal cancer.
The management of colorectal cancers typically involves a variety of specialists, whom we have integrated into our Colorectal Cancer Team. These specialists include primary care physicians, gastroenterologists, enterostomal therapists, radiologists, pathologists, colorectal and general surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists.

Colorectal Surgery

The most common treatment for colorectal cancer is removing the tumor through surgery. In most cases, a surgeon removes the tumor along with part of the healthy colon or rectum and nearby lymph nodes. Generally, the doctor is then able to reconnect the healthy portions of the colon or rectum.
Our board-certified surgeons are experts in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of colorectal cancer, and many have significant experience in colorectal surgery. Working closely with our oncologists allows more communication and efficiency for developing the best plan of treatment. Our colorectal surgeons have specialized training in the treatment of colorectal cancer, in addition to full training in general surgery. Many of our general surgeons have also trained in additional procedures related to the treatment of colon cancer, including placement of devices for vascular access and treatment of possible liver lesions. Surgery may also be combined with other treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy. In some cases small rectal cancers can be treated with laser excision.

Enterostomal Therapy

Enterostomal therapists are trained to manage intestinal stomas, an opening in the body that is made surgically to replace a normal opening blocked by a cancerous tumor. Enterostomal therapists are specially trained nurses who are available to give patients appropriate advice about managing their stomas, and appropriate support about dealing with difficulties of the stoma. The goal of enterostomal therapy is to help ensure a smooth recovery so you can return to normal daily life as quickly as possible.